Here’s what readers had to say about Secrets:

“Jim Pooley has spotted one of the great ironies of modern business: In an age of transparency and ‘open innovation,’ the value of secrets has skyrocketed. And so has their vulnerability. With a mix of vivid storytelling and practical advice, Jim explains the challenge and how to master it. A must-read for every innovator.”
—Stan McCoy, Former Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Intellectual Property and Innovation

“Incredibly interesting, educational, and enlightening! As an advocate of intellectual property, I have always believed in strong patents and trademarks. This brilliant book underscores the importance of protecting trade secrets, too. Pooley makes the reader feel every creak of the tightrope innovators must walk between trusting sensitive information with others yet also taking smart precautions against lawsuits, leaks, and outright theft.”
—Louis Foreman, Creator of Emmy Award-Winning PBS Series Everyday Edisons; Author of The Independent Inventor’s Handbook

“Well written, clear, practical, and infused with many compelling examples, Secrets provides a reliable guide for the effective management of information assets in our age of highly mobile employees and rampant cyberespionage. The book is a dose of reality to those in denial about the real and pervasive dangers of the world we live in.”
—Federico Faggin, Co-inventor of the Microprocessor

“Secrets is succinct, readily accessible, and yet specific and comprehensive, combining law, litigation, client relations, and business realities—all from an expert who has lived trade secrecy law in all its complexities for decades. With patent protections in America shrinking steadily, more and more companies and their lawyers will have to turn to trade secrets, and this guide will illuminate the way for all.”
—Hon. Paul Michel, Chief Judge (Ret.), Federal Circuit Court of Appeals

“In the Information Age, ideas are our most valuable currency. Anyone who innovates needs a practical guide to protecting valuable business information. Here it is. Using clear language and an abundance of useful examples, Jim lays out how a company’s proprietary information can be protected in an era when everything and everyone is interconnected.” 
—Peter Detkin, Founder, Intellectual Ventures; Former Vice President, Intel

“Trade secrets are arguably the least understood form of intellectual property, but critically important to large corporations and entrepreneurs alike. In this book, James Pooley draws on his deep experience to provide both a highly readable but also very thoughtful introduction to this critically important area and the implications for business and public policy.”
—Josh Lerner, Professor, Harvard Business School; Author of The Architecture of Innovation: The Economics of Creative Organizations

“A practical, informative must-read for anyone who cares about business success. Full of torn-from-the-headlines examples, as well as entertaining stories illuminating the history of trade secrets, espionage, and patents, it’s a compelling and entertaining read that also explains the legal and strategic underpinnings of trade secret management. Jim Pooley uses easy-to-understand laymen’s terms to enlighten the reader about how and why to both protect and exploit trade secrets for optimal advantage.”
—Naomi Fine, Author of Positively Confidential: 10 Proven Steps to Protecting Confidential Information, Private Data, and Intellectual Property in Today’s Interactive Business World

“I am completely impressed with the content and format of this book. It explores one of the most crucial issues of our age and does so in a highly accessible way. Jim Pooley has made a complicated topic not only readable but also incredibly engaging. Secrets should be required reading for those ‘in the business’: techies, managers, executives, security professionals, and law enforcement.”
—John Gibbons, Founder of Corporate Security Firm The Burnside Group; Former Justice Department Official

“Jim has followed up his last ‘go-to book’ on trade secrets with a new title that takes his ability to write clean, engaging prose to an even higher level. Not only does he mix historical examples and current technology with indispensable practicality, he does it in a fast and interesting read. We now have a new must-read on a subject every business professional needs to master.”
—Kevin G. Rivette, Partner, 3LP Advisors; Former VP of IP Strategy, IBM; Author of Rembrandts in the Attic: Unlocking the Hidden Value of Patents

“This book is informative, timely, and practical. Jim does a fabulous job of explaining how the paradigm of open and collaborative innovation has disrupted traditional approaches to developing new products and services. Information has become the global currency of the 21st century and trade secrets the economy’s most valuable asset. We all need beacons to lead us through these unfamiliar (and risky) waters, and Secrets is one that shines brightly indeed.”
—Adam Storch, Former Managing Executive, and Chief Operating Officer, Division of Enforcement, United States Securities and Exchange Commission 

“This book couldn’t have come at a better time for those of us who advise technology companies on maximizing the value of their intellectual property assets. Over the past several years, patents have come under increasing legal and political pressure as the primary repository of corporate technology value. As a result, the use of trade secrets as an adjunct, or in some cases an alternative, is attracting renewed interest. All of this is especially apropos in our brave new ‘connected’ world where proprietary technical and business information is more vulnerable to misappropriation than ever. Jim’s experience in protecting trade secrets and his clear writing style makes this book an essential ‘traveling companion’ for anyone who must traverse this harsh and unpredictable terrain.”
—Ron Laurie, Managing Director, Inflexion Point Strategy

“Secrets sets itself apart from the mundane privacy books in the marketplace and does more than just analyze the impact of cybersecurity incidents. It’s a thought-provoking reference guide filled with tangible action items to be considered by anyone who must wrestle with the gamut of cybersecurity issues that are endemic to a complex global world. Jim Pooley delivers succinct and pragmatic recommendations that will help senior legal, business, and technology executives make sense of the perilous environment within which we must all operate.”
—Daniel B. Garrie, Esq., Global Head of Cybersecurity, ZEK

“In Secrets James Pooley writes a far-reaching (and fascinating) guide on the ‘whys and hows’ of protecting intellectual property through trade secret law. He artfully describes the need to safeguard information in the age of unchecked espionage and fierce competitive intelligence and girds the owner of trade secrets against theft in the global market. In the process, Mr. Pooley details employee confidentiality and invention assignment agreements, successful consulting agreements, and idea submissions contracts, among many other aspects of managing information assets. This seminal work from an author skilled in the field is a vital addition to an IP attorney’s arsenal. But it’s not just a book for lawyers—in fact, I highly recommend Secrets to anyone working in the IP field.”
—Robert Stoll, Partner, Drinker Biddle; Former Commissioner for Patents, United States Patent and Trademark Office

“In Secrets:  Managing Information Assets in the Age of Cyberespionage, the author has done something extremely difficult and valuable. He has translated a very complex legal topic into an accessible working guide that the average executive can understand. With intellectual property and information technology deeply embedded in the most fundamental business and social processes, no business or governmental leader can function credibly without a strong working knowledge of the lessons covered in this book. I highly commend the author for his work and suggest that every serious business person inform him/herself by absorbing and reflecting on the clear insights presented in these pages.”
—Richard Schneider, Sage Partners, Executive Counseling and Venture Acceleration

“Jim Pooley’s new book—Secrets: Managing Information Assets in the Age of Cyberespionage—is another major contribution to our understanding of trade secrets. It covers the evolving landscape of trade secret law and information asset management in the new era of the Internet and the global cybersphere of worldwide competition. Jim is a gifted writer and one of the true heavyweights in trade secret law. I highly recommend this book to industry practitioners and others who want to understand the dynamics of modern trade secret law.” 
—Mark Halligan, Partner, FisherBroyles LLP; Author of Trade Secret Asset Management

“Secrets is the book the profession has been waiting for. It is thorough, accessible, and overflowing with essential advice. Although the book is written primarily for managers, it will be an important tool for lawyers and law students who want to know how the law of trade secrets works in the real world. My only complaint is that Jim Pooley did not write Secrets sooner.”
—Jay Erstling, Professor, William Mitchell College of Law

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