James Pooley started writing about trade secrets in the 1980s. Back then, the best way for a company to protect its data was to watch who went in and out the door. In the decades since, information security has been challenged by the Internet, an emerging culture of disclosure powered by social media, sophisticated hacking tools, global supply chains, and a drive toward “open innovation,” which calls for sharing vital information with suppliers, customers, and a variety of short-term “partners.”


In short, everything has changed. Information has become the global currency of the 21st century. Managing it is no longer the exclusive province of IT or security. Every operational and strategic part of the enterprise is now involved in this critical task. Whether you’re a leader or any professional who works with information, you must walk the fine line between being open enough to generate creative energy and being careful enough that most sensitive trade secrets stay secret.


Pooley realized anyone trying to make sense of this complex new world needs a plainspoken guide that puts the subject in context and helps them make smart decisions about intellectual property and all of the (often surprising) issues that connect to it. Thus, Secrets was born. Click here for an excerpt from this deeply compelling, readable, information-packed book.


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