Let James Pooley Speak To Your Group On How To Manage Its Most Valuable Asset: Information

Author and trade secrets expert James Pooley is a frequent keynote speaker to business and professional groups. He will gladly customize a message to meet the needs of your organization or audience. Below is a sampling of some of his most popular keynotes:

The Sharing Dilemma: Managing the Risks of Open Innovation. Innovating by collaborating with partners is crucial, but how can we share and keep company secrets at the same time? Learn how to get the most out of these relationships without taking too much risk.

Walking on Eggshells: Consultants and Confidentiality in Serial Relationships. Consultants can provide a valuable perspective, but their experience with you can inform their work for your competitors. Whether you deal with consultants or you are one, you’ll gain a new understanding of the perils and how to handle them.

Cybersmart Data Governance: How Directors and Officers Avoid Surprises, Litigation, and Liability. It’s midnight—do you know where your data are? As information has become the primary business asset and data losses make headlines, the spotlight is on company boards and executives. Pooley explains the emerging standards of care set by federal agencies and reveals best practices to prevent problems and capitalize on opportunities.

Too Hot to Handle: Secrecy and the Facebook Generation. The company’s most valuable asset—its proprietary information—is handled by people who have been taught to share every detail of their lives. Learn the special management challenges and solutions for getting employees to respect confidential data—your own as well as others’.

The Dangerous Departure: How to Handle Key Employees Leaving to Compete. Keeping your trusted talent in place is the best way to protect secrecy; but when they decide to go and join the competition, you have to act. Learn effective steps you can take to prevent damage, avoid protracted litigation, and sometimes even turn the situation around.

Poaching Talent from the Competition: It’s Fine, Except When It’s Not. There’s nothing wrong with hiring employees from your competitors; you get experience and skill. But are you also getting information that you shouldn’t legally have? Pooley describes the two main ways that hiring can get you into trouble and how to avoid them.

Avoiding the Confidentiality Trap: The Smart Way to Use Nondisclosure Agreements. We need NDAs to protect company secrets, but do you know what’s in them or who is managing compliance? Learn about how to avoid the most common pitfalls, prevent misunderstandings, and ensure that your information is fully protected.

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