Litigation.  Serve as co-counsel or advisor in trade secret and patent litigation, in all stages of a case, from pre-filing investigation and strategy through trial and appeals.  Provide “second pair of eyes” for management and boards on critical litigation, and serve as independent counsel for settlement negotiations.


Trade Secret Management.  Analyze corporate data asset protection and conduct gap analysis, highlighting areas for improvement in governance, risk management, training and compliance. Provide immediate analysis and advice regarding new or departing employees, and serve as independent counsel for recruited executives.

Expert Witness.  Consult and provide testimony on matters involving trade secrets and/or patents, regarding issues such as the “reasonable efforts” requirement of trade secrets, the standard of professional care in intellectual property litigation, and operation of the international patent system.


Special Master.  Resolve discovery and other pretrial matters in trade secret and patent litigation.


ADR Neutral.  Serve as arbitrator or mediator in domestic and international trade secret and patent disputes.

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